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        Guangdong Kanghuatai Textile Garment Co., Ltd. is located in Foshan, the knitting capital of China. The registered capital of the company is 10 million yuan, with two bases of spinning/weaving and dyeing.
        Spinning Base: Shandong Linqing Economic Development Zone has a total of 400,000 spindles. Four production units have a total of 15 production lines with an area of 18,000 square meters to produce 30,000 tons of cotton yarn annually. The strand is 500-800 tons.
Textile and dyeing base: Foshan Nanhai Xiqiao Industrial Park. Production Scale: More than 300 looms produce about 45 million yards of cloth per year with various specifications. The main equipment configuration includes Trutzler blowing-carding unit, Swiss Rieter drawing machine, warp and weft spinning machine, Italian SAVIO automatic winder, SAURER twister machine and TOYOTA air-jet loom.
        Staffing: 1300 production personnel, 52 management/logistics personnel, 10 product research and development personnel, 10-15 sales personnel.
The company established Guangdong Huatai cloth industry in 2017, which is located in Guangzhou Haizhu District, Zhongshan New Yangtze River (China) Textile City. It mainly focuses on R&D, production and sales of domestic and international fashionable denim fabrics.
        Kanghuatai Textile and Huatai Cloth Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in cotton, T/C, CVC, Tencel, bamboo fiber, natural color cotton, soybean protein fiber, Pearl fiber, milk fiber, chitin fiber, moisture-exhausting and sweat-conducting fiber, air-conditioning fiber, seaweed fiber, bamboo carbon fiber yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, single, double, multi-strand and other varieties, new textile and apparel fabrics, jeans fabrics, functional fabrics research and development, home. The R&D, production and sales of knitted textiles such as textile bed products and hotel articles are large-scale resource integration service companies at home and abroad.
        With the innovative management concept of Kanghuatai, the companies are consistent from top to bottom, facing the market in a unified way, responding positively to and perceiving the frontier trend and development trend of garment fabrics in their development, and actively opening up the domestic and foreign markets with the times. Products are exported to Europe, America, Central Asia, South Asia and other countries. In the new era of timely news, keeping pace with the times, working efficiently and serving individually, the company is in an invincible position in the long-term strategic development. The company attaches great importance to talent cultivation and platform construction. At present, the company mainly expands customer resources through the third-party e-commerce platform of "Made in China" and large-scale exhibition channels at home and abroad, so as to provide high-quality products at home and abroad. Buyers provide first-class products and personalized services. Kanghuatai people will constantly improve the business ability of enterprises, consistently adhere to the strategy of developing high-end products and opening up new markets at home and abroad, take advantage of the opportunity of resource integration to expand market share, and continue to maintain the company's leading position in the global textile industry. In the future, Kanghuatai people will continue to explore and innovate, and strive to provide the best quality products and services for global customers!
        The company's image fulfills the Chinese dream!
        The company's development strategy seeks development steadily, progress in development and promotion in progress.
        The company's business philosophy is mutually beneficial and win-win, co-creation and sharing, charming service!
        Our purpose is to exchange service and sincerity for your trust and support, mutual benefit and win-win situation!
        The company is willing to cooperate wholeheartedly with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad to create the future!!
Product diversity
Kanghuatai textile clothing and Huatai cloth are mainly engaged in cotton, T/C, CVC, tencel, bamboo fiber, natural color cotton, soybean protein fiber, Pearl fiber, milk fiber, chitin fiber, moisture-exhausting sweat-conducting fiber, air-conditioning fiber, seaweed fiber, bamboo carbon fiber yarn, yarn, yarn, single, double, multi-strand and other varieties.
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